With a care for our earth, SOe keeps it as local as possible, supporting local businesses and sourcing fabric wholesalers in Australia. Each piece has a personalised touch, with limited stock runs available to eliminate wastage and maintain a sustainable brand.

Our boxes have been consciously left unbranded in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, leaving a blank canvas for you to use either for regifting or as you please as opposed to receiving another branded box you are unsure what to do with and that could potentially end up in landfill.

We’ve decided to source our postal packaging through Noissue due to the fact they ensure brands can provide their customers with an unboxing experience that isn’t tarnished by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic.

With our constantly evolving awareness for all things sustainable & eco-friendly, we are continuously expanding our knowledge – the more we know, the better we can be as a small business.